Exosomes are nano particles secreted by stem cells and contain the chemical instructions for other cells. Exosome secretions is how cells communicate with one another. Our Exosomes are derived from Wharton’s Jelly Stem Cells and are engineered for growth and repair or can be modified with Car-T to destroy cancer. Exosomes are isolated from their parent cells and concentrated to produce the desired concentration.


Exosome Benefits


Exosomes are naturally occurring nano particles secreted by stem cells that are essential for cell-to-cell communication. Exosomes can be engineered to enhance certain desired benefits such as cartilage, bone, tendon, etc.  In addition, Exosomes can be engineered using Car-T to kill cancer. The benefits of Exosome Car-T are that it can be produced as an immediately available product to be infused into patients literally on the first office visit. It is universal in nature and can be used on anyone.


Quality & Custody

We take control and custody of the umbilical cord moments after a healthy baby is born. We then transport, process, cryofreeze and deliver the finished cell product directly to local medical professionals that we know and trust. At no point do we permit third parties to take control of our product. Over the years we have found this to the best way to assure to our patients that they are getting the absolute best stem cell product available. We do not purchase umbilical cords from brokers, nor do we ship our cellular products to distributors.

All umbilical cord donors are pre-screened and undergo rigorous and comprehensive testing that includes:

  • Behavioral risk assessment
  • Physical assessment
  • Donor medical history
  • Communicable disease testing

Infectious disease testing is performed at certified laboratory in accordance with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) and 42 CFR part 493.