Mission Statement

The Greater Good Foundation is a California 501(c)(3) tax exempt public benefit organization created to bring advanced healing benefits of stem cells at reduced cost, and in certain cases for free to children and low-income adults.


Why We Do This

The founder and organizers of the Greater Good Foundation have been in the stem cell world for over 35 years. In our private practice we know what is medically possible when premium quality stem cells are applied to patients. We have made miracles happen using stem cells for our wealthy patients in Beverly Hills, California. The results are truly mind blowing, even to us. But what about hard-working people? What help is there for patients that cannot afford the high costs of stem cell treatments? Rather than complain about the high costs of stem cells, we have formed this foundation to work with philanthropists and charitable donors to provide life saving and life changing stem cell therapies to patients who cannot afford them. We do this for the greater good.

Stem Cell Clinics

The Greater Good Foundation works with local medical professionals to apply stem cells to patients. Stem cell clinics are available in the following locations:


  •        Southern California, USA
  •        Tijuana, Mexico
  •       Cancun, Mexico